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Eugenia Marcus MD, FAAP

Developmental PediatricianThe FAAP designation after a pediatrician’s name stands for Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Pediatricians who with the FAAP designation have obtained board certification in pediatrics and made an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning and advocacy for children. I remain a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, have served on many national and local boards, am a past president of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and mention this to emphasize my commitment to pediatric medicine and the children I treat.

Pediatric Education

From the University of Michigan to the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania (now Drexel) to residencies in prestigious Medical Hospital’s like St. Luke’s in New York City and Stanford University Hospital all the way to Makarere Hospital in Kampala, Uganda – I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn, share, advocate and participate in some of the most exciting initiatives and developments in pediatric medicine. With the increases in Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Autism, behavioral and emotional disorderspediatric medicine has evolved and will continue to evolve.

I have advocated for advances in information technology in our field and served on the Council of Clinical and Information Technology of the Academy of Pediatrics; and was awarded an Oberst Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics for promoting IT for children’s healthcare.

I welcome all infants, children and adolescents to become patients. If you as a parent are in need of a second opinion for any pediatric concern, please consider setting up an appointment with me. I believe I am particularly adept at discerning the broad scope of possibilities when it comes to pediatric medicine. Children have unique needs in their bodies, minds, emotions and hormones … they are not fully developed adults – and this is the skill of a pediatrician – to understand this and care for children.

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