Age 1 – 12

Childhood Stages of Development

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From Prenatal to birth, infant to toddler, toddler to pre-school , pre-school to “gradeschoolers”, there are a number of stages and transitions. What is key for you to know about me and my practice is that as an FAAP, I follow The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for what is age appropriate, normal, acceptable – or not. I want to be your resource to ensure your child is on the path to their happiest and healthiest self throughout these years! Please feel free to Contact Me to set up a meet and greet visit.

Newborn Visit Schedule

The newborn is seen two to three times in the first month. This is a critical time for both the baby and the parents to assure that both are off to a good start.

Immunizations and Vaccines

I share the same views as the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics  on immunizations. The schedules are available by clicking on the links below:

Children 0 – 6            Children 7 – 18            Adults 18 +
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