Age 12 to 24

Teens through Young Adults

young adult pediatric careI extend the years of “typical” pediatric care though college age and young adults. I firmly believe this is beneficial to the young adult – and family – for a number of reasons, but the key reason is the continuity of care. I continue to communicate with students when they are away and see them when they come home.

The Teen Years

difficult teen pediatric care Care of the teen involves educating them about their healthcare needs and preparing them to transition to adult healthcare when they are ready. We teach them breast or testicular self exam and help them make it part of their self care routine. I address their needs around sexuality, STD’s, addiction and mental health as well as acne and warts. Their care is confidential but can be shared with their permission, especially after age 18. My pact with the patient is that if they are in danger or in a life threatening situation, especially suicide, that I will break that confidence in order to secure their safety. Please feel free to contact me.

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