Technology and Pediatrics

pediatric technologyThis picture is indicative of my reliance on new and advanced technologies in pediatrics and medical information technology systems. However, face to face patient – doctor time is the the most important part of the visit and is protected. Our Patient Gateway offers secure, convenient and timely communications – like requesting appointments, requesting refills, accessing school and camp forms, messaging, reviewing test results. Click on the Patient Gateway button to sign up if you are not already registered.  My use of e-mail & texting ensures convenient and timely communications … these are all examples of technology at work in my practice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed an education website for parents and patients that is rich in content and current topics. For reliable medical information when searching the internet, start with .


Child Health And Developmental Interactive System is an on-line program that facilitates developmental screening. You can fill out assigned questionnaires about your child’s development on-line and ahead of the visit. The helps to organize your thoughts about questions you have about your child’s growth and development. You will get more out of the visit by doing this ahead of time. So register for CHADIS and fill out the forms for that particular visit.

Using CHADIS provides the parent the opportunity to document and tell me their goals for the office visits, share problems or concerns and ask questions, track their child’s development, identify health and safety risks. I keep connected with families with updates by electronic means (including secure email). All of this is done to be available and accessible and at your convenience. Teens can communicate with me independent of the parents when needed – especially around issues of sexuality.

My practice is centered on the patient and their family. I welcome you to join my practice. My goal is to give you a high level of comfort and confidence that your voice is being heard and your needs are being addressed. I strive to deliver quality customer service.

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