Welcome to Primary Care Pediatrics, PLLC

My name is Dr. Eugenia Marcus. I am an experienced board certified primary care pediatrician with a solo practice embedded in a larger group, Newton Pediatrics. I am located on Walnut Street in Wellesley, just a half a block off Washington Street and a block away from the Newton-Wellesley Hospital.
I use technology to remain in contact with with my patients when I am not physically in the office. I answer e-mails, make referrals, refill prescriptions and provide advice and guidance to my patients in addition to my in-office care. I will recommend office visits when we need face to face time or an examination is necessary. Same day office visits are available. My practice arrangement allows for very personalized care. On regularly scheduled visits you will see me. To ensure 24×7 coverage, my colleagues at Newton Pediatrics are very capable and available. If you did require emergency care, all information about that care is communicated to me in its entirety by the staff at Newton Pediatrics. In return, I cover for the doctors of Newton Pediatrics when their schedule is full.

About Dr. Marcus

I absolutely love what I do and care deeply about the care my patients receive. I have aligned myself with the staff at Newton Pediatrics to ensure 24/7 urgent care support. So … if you are looking for a highly competent, caring and accessible Pediatrician, you need look no further. For your convenience, to book an appointment click on this “Book An Appointment” link or you may call the office at (617)-977-3057. I look forward to meeting you!